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Law of Least Effort and Dynamic Ease - Pathways to Creativity

Have you read the book "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga" by Deepak Chopra and David Simon? I finished a week or so ago, and I am wondering why it has taken me this long to acquire this significant book! As its "catch phase" says, it is a practical guide to healing, and it is so relevant to all of my movement practices and my life. It is also a book that I will be able to pick up over and over again to reap its knowledge and guidance.

This week I have been drawn to Law 4, the "Law of Least Effort". I am a big proponent of the concept "Less is More", and this law speaks directly to this concept. Law 4 states that all of nature functions with effortless ease, with harmony and grace, and that I can use this law by minimizing my effort as I maximize my effect. "Stated simply, the Law of Least Effort tells us that we can do less and accomplish more." (page 61).

Less is More.

In Nia we call this Dynamic Ease. Less is More...maximum efficiency, minimal effort.

So where does the creativity come in? Think about any new activity, skill or job you sought to learn. For me in the beginning, it may have been a struggle learning, and I may have felt intimidated, stiff, tense and even nervous. The more though I continued finding my way, and making adjustments or tweaks to what I was doing, the more the sensation of grace, power and confidence came into my body. I started to sense ease in my body and my mind, and the more ease I sensed, the more I sensed a flow in what I was doing. Once this cycle started, I then could connect to the joy of what I was doing, and open up to new ideas. Creativity!!

The same thing occurs with movement, whether it is Nia, Yoga or anything else. The more I can slow down, be present, relax and breath, the least effort I need to exert. The more I embrace "My Body's Way" instead of being fixated with getting into an asana or getting the movement right, the more ease I will have with my movements. Once in this space, I will receive the gifts of maximum efficiency along with all the benefits of the movement. The struggle dissolves, JOY is present and creativity ignites the pathway to healing! New ways to move, new ways to heal!

I like to tell my students "YES! You can create a new asana!" HA!!!

As we move through our day, let's notice the areas in our life where we are sensing struggles or challenges, or pushing for outcomes. Let's notice in our dance and movements if we are forcing our body to move in ways that don't feel right. Let's then make a commitment to notice the source of these things, take a deep breath, and replace the source with the energy of love. As Deepak explains in his book "Nature is held together by the energy of love, and least effort is expended when your actions are motivated by love." (page 61).

There is a mantra to help us with this:

Om Daksham Namah.

My actions achieve maximal benefit with minimal effort.



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