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"Nia is more than just a workout.  It is a holistic fitness practice addressing each aspect of your life – body, emotions, mind and soul.  Combining dance, martial arts and mindfulness, Nia conditions and strengthens your body while transforming your mind.

At Nia, we believe every person can discover, explore, unleash, and enhance their individual potential to live a healthy and meaningful life by engaging their senses and listening to their bodies.

Nia is based on the intelligent design of the body. Each workout combines mindfulness and dynamic movement - leaving you energized, mentally clear, and emotionally balanced.

Nia workouts combine 52 simple moves with dance arts, martial arts, and healing arts to energize and enliven well-being in 60 minutes - body, mind, emotion, and spirit.

Nia is non-impact, practiced barefoot, and adaptable to individual needs and abilities. Nia classes are taught by licensed Nia teachers and trainers in dozens of countries and languages across the world."

Interested in taking the Nia White Belt?

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All Videos


What is Nia FreeDance?  


Nia FreeDance

Nia FreeDance is the ultimate conscious dance experience that celebrates and brings people closer to the source of their authentic dance, where body, emotions, mind and spirit unite to unlock creativity, and stimulate a sensation of aliveness and freedom. The training is designed for everybody... Nia teachers and students, artists, musicians, writers, as well as students of all movement modalities.

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Interested in taking a Nia FreeDance training?

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My Nia Journey



I am a nationally certified Nia 1st Degree Black-Belt teacher and Nia Trainer, offering Nia classes, Nia White Belt + Nia FreeDance trainings, and Nia workshops. I have 25 years of Nia Technique experience and bring creativity, laughter, compassion and enthusiasm to my Nia work. My mission is to share the joy of Nia with everyBody & to help others reclaim their body's natural way of moving.


Nia has awakened my inner child, and has made me feel timeless, ageless and weightless. I now stay fit by dancing, laughing, skipping and playing on the floor. I want everyBody to feel joy and pleasure in their body, and live into their potential!


I discovered Nia in 1994. All of my adult life I was very HARD on myself, I did not like my body and did all sorts of activities that were jarring and harmful on my body...running, high impact aerobics, jump rope, steps...if it claimed to make me fit, I did it. Why? To stay fit, look good, look younger, move faster. I consistently saw myself as being overweight and unattractive. I was “fit” but only on the outside. Inside I was struggling to maintain happiness and pleasure in my body. As a result I had chronic pain in my knees and was losing my ability to continue my fitness regime.

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Then entered Nia. One of my best friends invited me to do a Nia white belt certification. I had no idea what Nia was, yet something about her enthusiasm of the discovery of Nia and my inner voice told me to do it. I did and since then I have not turned back. With Nia I have found self love and awareness. Am I fit? You better believe it!!!

Returning home after graduation, since I was the first Nia teacher in San Antonio, TX, I started to teach Nia as I worked full-time in my corporate job as an Information Technology Systems Analysts and Project/Program manager.  Slowly the Nia community of teachers and students started to grow!!  Today I am not only a Nia 1st Degree Black Belt teacher, I am also a Nia White Belt and Nia FreeDance trainer, enJoying being part of a community of dedicated and wonderful Nia teachers who are also my friends!  Our students are amazing and some of them have been with me since day 1!

 I am blessed and grateful for my journey.  

Nia is a sensory-based movement practice that leads to health, wellness and fitness. It empowers people of all shapes and sizes by connecting the body, mind, emotions and spirit. The practice is a fantastic blend of movements from the Martial Arts, Dance Arts and Healing Arts. Nia's co-founders, Debbie and Carlos Rosas, created Nia in 1983 out of their desire to find a better way to condition and honor their body and bring joy back into their movements. They took off their shoes and found through moving in their bare feet they could monitor, strengthen, align, and receive messages throughout their whole body. Nia has evolved into a mind/body fitness and life style practice that is designed for people to live more pleasurably in their bodies. Nia Technique is based on The Body’s Way, with 13 principles that guide students of the practice to be in relationship with their body and promote personal growth and self healing. Nia teaches students the art of living in a body and to listen to the voices of their body through movement and the art of sensing through the 5 fitness sensations of Flexibility, Agility, Mobility, Strength and Stability.


Learn more about Nia and discover a FUNtastic way to gain strength, flexibility, balance, reduce stress and connect with your body. Classes are done barefoot to soul moving, rhythmic music.


Nia is for everyBODY!!!



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