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 Nia FreeDance

Art of Movement Creativity!!


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Nia FreeDance Trainings


Click HERE to view & register for 2023 trainings.

Note:  When you get to the training page, please click button on left to view in-person or online trainings. 


Nia FreeDance training is for everyBody.  This means Nia teachers, Nia belts, Nia students, artist, writers and students of all movement modalities.  EVERY ONE!!!  The training provides a deep and rich exploration into movement creativity, music, voice, and leadership.  


Focused on unlocking people's spirit, creativity, and self-expression, the Nia FreeDance Training offers a deep and rich exploration into movement creativity. Here you will learn to play with the magic of music and experience how to sense the stimulation of the music in your body, a key inspiration for movement creativity.  You will learn leadership skills, such as using your voice as an instrument to motivate, calm and stimulate change and creativity. These leadership skills can be used in class and in life!

We will also explore the architecture of the class, and how each part of the class unleashes movement creativity via body, emotions, mind and spirit. 


If you desire to deliver the Nia FreeDance class experience, you will learn tools and techniques to successfully teach the class!
















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