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Sensing Expansion + Contraction!!

Hello My Friends!

Have you ever wondered where I get my inspiration for my class focus? The majority of the time I get it from my body. What is my body needing, what is my body saying to me? From the voice of my body guiding me, my weekly class focus is created! TA DA!!!

This week my ribcage, chest has been speaking to me about being stuck in some areas and needing expansion. Did you know the condition of our ribcage affects our breathing? Think about it! By design, our ribcage is a bony and cartilaginous container and has 24 separate ribs with spaces in between known as intercostal spaces that contain intercostal muscles. These muscles are key in expansion and contraction of the ribcage as we inhale and exhale. Just like with any muscle, if it is tight, it cannot move in it's full capacity.

So this week I am playing with Expansion + Contraction of my chest. Here is a copy of a Nia student newsletter from 2013 on this subject that I hope you enJoy and can also use to condition your chest and your breathing. Check out my classes HERE!

Namaste y'all!!


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