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Strengthening Your Inner Fire!!

"Can you show courage and stay in the fire until you find the blessings?" Catharine Larsen

Namaste Friends and Family,

How was your step into 2020?

I stepped into 2020 with disarray and chaos surrounding me, as well as being with the joy of a new year and a new decade surrounded by friends and loved ones. As I am always reminded, life holds many surprises and unexpected gifts!

A wonderful tool that helps me to be with the chaos and "fire" of life is by practicing one of the Niyamas of Yoga Philosophy called Tapas. Tapas means heat (in Sanskrit it means to burn), and invites us to burn non-supportive habits, thoughts, reactions, so we can open to our potential. Tapas also translates to self-discipline, change, tolerance and transformation, and it is about our individual effort to move forward with strength, and be the person we strive to be in the world. Whether it is staying the course of my intention I have set for the year or my daily intentions, Tapas reminds me that there is always going to be fire along the path of my life, and I have the choice to stay in the fire and let it run its course or not. It is so much easier to avoid, to jump out and not face the flames; however, within the flames are the blessings. So I do my best, and I am learning to practice compassion for myself along the way. Not an easy task!!

So here are some tips that help me build the strength of my inner fire:

  • I think of an intention more as developing a love for myself. Be kind and at times humorous in coaxing yourself to be disciplined when it comes to keeping your intention.

  • Create conditions which are conducive to your intention – maybe create a special space in your home or seek time away from everyday life to reflect on and flame the intention.

  • Know that you are not the only one that needs to generate effort to continue your journey. Be with the fire and seek the blessings.

  • Seek the company of like-minded friends. That is why I LOVE my Nia and Yoga communities. It allows me to surround myself with people who desire to be awesome human beings!!

  • Take time to celebrate! Swami Satchidananda said "tapas is self-discipline, not self-torture."

  • And the most important thing to remember is to have compassion for yourself!!

I wish you joy as you pursue your desires and intentions this year and every year. I hope to see you in my classes, trainings, and maybe this year is a good time for you to go to Mexico with me!! Check out my retreat HERE!

Namaste Y'all,


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