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What is the Passion of Your Heart? The Power of Questions!

What is it about questions that are powerful? According to the Brighton Leadership group on The Power of Questions: "Questions are powerful because they create change." It is so true!! In my 30 years of project management and coaching, I have found questions to be very powerful, especially if they are asked in a way where the answer can be subjective, there is no right or wrong answer, and the answer has endless possibilities. This allows space for creativity, new opportunities for change and transformation, and for magic!

It also allows for no answer, or for a seed to be planted that will grow and manifest it its own time.

What if we apply this practice to dance? In Nia, we have a practice that is called the "Body Awareness Walk", where we are invited to go into sensation and ask our body what needs healing, what feels stiff or dense, where is there pain, and what level is the pain. I ask my body not my mind. This creates an intimate relationship with me and my body, where I am constantly in body communication in order to make changes and transformation for healing and wellness. Nia also has the "Body Gratitude Walk" practice, where I can ask my body what feels better, and give gratitude for the new sensation! This is the MAGIC!!!

We can also ask a question as we step into any movement or meditation practice, and in prayer. And I can do this without a need for an immediate answer. "God, where do you want me to go today?" "How can I serve others?" "What do I need to change in order to grow?" "What is the Passion of My Heart?"

I invite you to Move, Explore and Create with me in dance as we all ask the question "What is the Passion of Your Heart?". I can't wait to hear what my heart tells me!!

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Namaste, Joanie


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