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Paripurna Navasana - Your Boat Pose!

Namaste my Friend!

It is such a beautiful, crisp, fall day here in San Antonio and I am feeling hopeful. Why do I feel hopeful? Well, the world's heaviness has brought me down a bit; however, with the solar eclipse yesterday and today's magnificent blue skies, I am hopeful the world and humanity can come to peace. It helps for me to pray, and I sense today my prayers are magnified. Feel free to send a prayer on the wings of the wind with me!

Today my weekly yoga history email gifted me with the asana Paripurna Navasana that I would like to share with you. The name comes from the Sanskrit words - paripurna meaning ‘complete’; nav meaning ‘boat' and asana meaning ‘pose’. Hence, boat pose! The shape of the posture represents the hull of a ship with the arms representing the water line when it sails. Practicing this pose invites your body and mind to cross all hurdles that you may come across to reach divine grace. Working on this challenging balancing pose, the body is entirely balanced on the sit bones or the buttocks forming the letter ‘V’.

The engagement of the core muscles plays a crucial role in getting the right balance and stability. Its consistent practice helps improve strength and balance in the core and the back. Additionally, it helps in activating the 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus) which is responsible for personal power, authenticity, courage, passion and self-definition. YES!

This is a nice variation that you can use as you develop your strength:

Symbolically Navasana represents my journey down the river of life. Life requires courage and strength, and sometimes the journey is rough. Practicing this pose invites me to be grateful for the journey and all life has brought me thus far. So I always do my best to SMILE when I practice this pose!!

Let's practice together! Join me Thursday at 12:00 pm Central Time in person or via Zoom.

Register HERE for the class and I hope to see you!!


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