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Moving Your Body to Heal - Thank you Body!

Hello, Friends!

This past weekend I was blessed to be part of a new Nia training called Moving to Heal. Nia Moving to Heal is founded on the art of movement and the philosophy of The Body's Way, where Nia teachers learn techniques to adapt Nia therapeutically and to successfully engage people using Nia movement and Dancing Through Life principles to feel better. It was amazing and we now have 15 Nia Moving To Heal teachers in San Antonio! I am excited about the potential and possibilities to bring the gift of dance and healing to everyBody!

“Dance is the Joy of Movement and the ultimate expression of gratitude to your body!” — Joanie Brooks

"Thank you body!!" These 3 words are so powerful and can make such a difference as we move throughout our daily life. Thank you body for my eyes that bring beauty to my life. Thank you body for my feet that take me where I need to go today. Thank you body for my hands that allow me to touch, to receive, to create and emote. When I say "Thank You" to my body, all my cells receive the same "buzz" of excitement and appreciation that I feel when someone says Thank You to me. My body lights up! I know this to be true. When I broke my foot in 2010, every night I would massage my foot and talk to her. I would thank my foot for her power to heal, for being patient, and for her beauty and grace. I moved in ways to heal my foot by moving on the floor and letting my feet dance in the sky. This ritual not only healed my foot, it healed ME. As you step into your day, I invite you to choose one body part and be with it throughout the day, thanking this body part as much as you can. Notice what happens and how you life changes. I'd love to hear about it!!

Join me in my Nia classes this week at The Synergy Studio. The gift of dance and movement is the ultimate expression of gratitude for your body. Thursday at 5:30 pm Saturday at 9:30 am Monday at 5:30 pm I will also be teaching the 8:45 am Yoga class on Sunday.

Check out my Gratitude Nia FreeDance and Crystal Meditation Bowl event on Saturday, November 21.

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