Igniting Your Brain!!

March 2, 2020


When I put "Exercise Benefits Brain Function" and "Dancing Benefits Brain Function" and "Yoga Benefits Brain Function in my Goggle search, many, many articles appear about the benefits of these Movement art forms.  There is also Tai Chi, meditation, and many ways we each can Ignite our brain and keep our brain healthy and active. 

In Nia, we Ignite our brain in many ways to include music ( read THIS is your brain on music), movements that stimulate both sides of our brain, the fusing together of movements from the Martial Arts, Dance and Yoga, Igniting our emotions that helps to release the feel good endorphins, and creating community.  So I encourage you if you have never stepped into a Nia class to do so, or if it's been awhile, come back!!

I also love Yoga and Tai Chi, 2 other movement modalities I teach, and they both provide the same benefits for our brain health. 

My latest article on brain health that I read is from the Yoga Journal by Tasha Eichenseher, called "Mind Games".  It tells a story as well as highlights the benefits of Yoga and meditation to our brain. 


Which brings me to my gift!  The article explains a Kundalini Yoga meditation that has been shown to improve cognitive function, mood and alertness.  I have taken the challenge to practice this meditation daily and to journal how this affects not only my memory, but also my mood and life.  If you would like the gift of this article plus a MP3 file that you can use in the meditation, please EMAIL ME.

Namaste and Love,


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