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Law of Pure Potentiality - Pure Awareness

Hello friends!

As I mentioned in my March 28, 2019 blog, I am digging the book "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga" by Deepak Chopra and David Simon, and this week I will be focusing on the 1st spiritual law, "The Law of Pure Potentiality". This law simply states that at the core of our being is pure awareness, pure consciousness, and it is the source of joy in our life. Through JOY we can then open to our pure potential. "The realm of pure potentiality is the home of knowledge, intuition, balance, harmony and bliss. Giving rise to thoughts, feelings, and actions, it remains undisturbed." (page 51)

Unlimited Potential!

In Nia we use White Belt Principle 5, Awareness, to tap into consciousness of our body, and through this seed of awareness of our body, we also start to develop awareness of our emotions, our mind and our True Self (Spirit or Soul). We discover how awareness is a responsibility and a channel for making choices and decisions in order for us to self-heal, to seek pleasure, to notice emotions, to witness our thoughts and actions, and align with our purpose. Once we are open to awareness, the field of possibilities is endless.

"...the Law of Pure Potentiality reminds us that every movement emerges from the silent field of infinite possibility." (page 52).

As we move through our day and in our classes, let's do our best to apply this law, this principle, and strengthen our awareness muscles. Let's get to know how aware we are and use awareness to create, grow and change. There is a mantra to help us with this:

Om Bhavam Namah.

"I am absolute existence."

Namaste ya'll!


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