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Yoyatah Hum - Infinite Flexibility and Fluidity of Pure Awareness!

Hello my dancing friends!!

I just completed a 21 day meditation on the Energy of Attraction that was hosted by Deepak Chopra and Oprah. I love their meditations and they leave me inspired and refreshed! If you are interested, please EMAIL me and I will send you information of each day's focus and mantra, and how you can participate in their future mediations.

Day 11's focus was on flexibility and fluidity; being flexible and fluid to expand pure awareness and potentiality. "To be receptive to what the universe brings to us, we need to have an open, fluid, and infinitely adaptable awareness. This flexibility of awareness is the third component of the art of desiring. Having fluid awareness means that attention does not get stuck on preconceptions about how the desire is supposed to manifest. By remaining receptive and free, awareness can move and adapt to whatever the intention needs in its development." (from the meditation).

Being flexible and fluid in my life allows me to open to my potential. I connect intimately to this through my Nia dance practice. I find that if I allow my dance to unfold and not force movements, I allow the flow of creativity and my body discovers new ways to move and heal. From my body's experience and knowledge, it manifests, helping me to release stuck emotions and thought patterns that do not serve me. I can then bend, flow, mold and fold organically and open to "frictionless movement" of life, that connects me to my true nature, my spirit. Within the 8 limbs of Yoga this is called Dhyana, "flexible consciousness" and Samadhi, "Infinite Pure Awareness".

Join me on the dance floor and your yoga mat as we focus on flexibility and fluidity, discovering Yoyatah Hum!



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