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fearLESS - No Holding Back!

Hello My Dancing Friends!

About 8 years ago a newly met Nia friend from Lubbock gave me this picture that is on a magnet I have on display in my kitchen. Most of the time I do not notice this picture or the message. Yesterday it caught my eye and heart, and I am enJOYing the reminder that despite my fears (for I will always have them), I can always dance through my fears, for on the other side of is the opportunity for change and growth. This does not mean I ignore my fears. I am learning, ALWAYS learning, to acknowledge my fears, and give them no power by being in the energy of GRATITUDE, and using tools that I have learned to give me the strength to face whatever is coming my way. Some of my tools and practices are Nia and Yoga, prayer and meditation, and every morning writing down something I am grateful for. This opens up potential and possibilities - NO HOLDING BACK!!

I love this song by Jasmine Murray and invite you to dance and sing along with her!

Join me this week in my Nia and Yoga classes as we open to potential and possibilities! No holding back, discovering new ways to create healing, joy and fun!! Check out my schedule teaching HERE!

Namaste, Joanie

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