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Creating Self!!

Hello Beautiful Friends!! I love the concept of "Creating Self", and that this creation happens moment to moment with my body, my emotions, my thoughts and my actions. So the question for me is: "What do I want to create?". As Debbie Rosas, co-founder of Nia says: "Your job in creating yourself everyday is to recognize that if you create yourself as a work of art that smiles, as a work of art that can move freely and fluidly, and as a work of art that feels joy, this resonance is not only healing for you, it also touches everyone around you." It's all about CHANGE, isn't it? From the time we are conceived to the time we take our last breath, we are creating and evolving who we are in this world. It is through my change, and an awareness that I have a choice in what I create. My practices of Nia, Yoga, laughter, meditation/prayer, and being with my family and friends provide me with tools, and help me relax into this creation of myself, allowing change to occur. Another way to Create Self is through setting a focus and intent. I learned this from Nia, where a focus (directing our attention) and an intent (desired outcome) is set at the beginning of every class. For example, last week my focus was on Breath with the intent to harmonize our movements with our breath, and create healthy diaphragmatic breathing. With this focus, I am using my breath to create: calmness, clarity in my thoughts, a healthy digestion system, and an excited outlook on life!! Now I Am Creating Self! I bring a focus and intent to all my movement classes, and you can bring the same to your daily life! As we prepare to step into Spring and the time of planting seeds of creation, I invite you to be with the question "What do I want to create?" as your focus, with the intention to sense in the moment from your body, emotions, mind and actions how you are "Creating Self". I can't wait to be with you! Namaste and Love!


Join me this week in Nia and Yoga classes. Check out my schedule HERE! On Saturday, I am have a double dip of Nia for you! *** 9:30 am classic Nia & 5:00 pm Nia FreeDance class!

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