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Shake It OFF!

Dear Dancing Friends!

Do you ever experienced the return of a sensation, feeling or thought that you just KNEW you had released? And then here it comes again!! Why won't that leaf just fall??!! Well that happens to me more than I care to admit. I'm like "Really, I'm still hanging on to it??!" Well, I am human and old sensations, feelings and thoughts are a part of me, and when they come back, I have 2 choices; let it enter and control my life and all my actions, or Shake It Off! Literally!! Shaking my body and allowing that which no longer serves me to be released. Shaking is Medicine, and if you read Peter Levine's book "Waking the Tiger", you will understand how we can use shaking to release and heal. I am so grateful of my practices of Nia and Yoga, where I can shake and shimmy, helping me Shake It Off so my body, emotions, mind and spirit can heal. How about you? Want to get your groove back? Let's Shake It Off in class this week. HERE IS my schedule for this week.

I also have 2 gifts for you to help in in your shaking and releasing. Last week I received a wonderful gift of a meditation from Deepak Chopra to let go and open to new possibilities. Or as Chopra says: "The more fluent you become in the art of pruning useless thoughts, behaviors, and patterns from your life, the better prepared you are for receiving the next round of gifts life has to bestow upon you.".

And if dancing is more your style, maybe you will enjoy this video gift from Taylor Swift!! Shake it OFF! See you on the dance Floor.

Namaste, Joanie

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