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Courage - Finding New Possibilities in our Body & Life!

Hello my fellow Dancers of Life!

Contemplating on what I want to bring my to Nia and Yoga classes for this week, the word Courage came to mind during my morning practice/devotion. Maybe the word came since Monday is Columbus day - not sure, it just came. Immediately beautiful images of people that represent Courage came to me as if they were produced by a kaleidoscope. Yes, Courage is beautiful, and is a quality that radiates from ones body, emotions, mind and spirit. I am blessed to have many, many people in my life who are Courageous, who help me to have Courage and are sources of inspiration as I Dance Through Life.

Courage is wisdom to move through all events, dreams and goals in life with grace, and explore new possibilities to move forward. Courage takes us out of our comfort zone, and from there we create CHANGE!

I found this picture that is an excellent representation of Nia. It reminds me of the courage Carlos Aya Rosas and Debbie Rosas had (and still have!) to take off their shoes in 1993 and create this beautiful practice we call Nia. What if they would have stopped during their challenges of growing Nia? I often wonder and I am deeply grateful for their courage. If you ever struggle with how to explain what Nia is, just read the words on this image!!

As we step into class this week, I invite us to connect to Courage and open to the possibilities to explore new ways to heal. What if I asked for what I needed in order to attend 1 extra Nia or Yoga class this week? What if I allowed myself to look away from the teacher and move freely on my own? What if I invited someone who has been resistant to move with me this week? What if I stepped off my Yoga mat and danced instead? What if I just listened to my body? What if I allow all choices to be sourced with Courage? Courage is not defined by "what"; it is defined by "how". And from the classroom, we bring it to our life.

Here is a hand mudra called Ganesha that builds Courage. As you practice this powerful hand mudra I invite you to affirm "I am Courage".

Namaste, Joanie

Check HERE for my classes this week!!

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