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Intention of Your Heart!

Hello My Friends!

September is nationally celebrated as Yoga month, and I'm excited to devote this week to this celebration in my classes!! My study and practice of Yoga has enriched my body and life, and has brought creativity and new ways to self heal inside and outside the studio. I love sanskrit, pranayama, asanas, hand mudras, sutras...the list of gifts goes on and on. My love of Yoga inspired me to become an RYT® 200 Yoga Teacher, and I'm jazzed how my Nia is infused with Yoga and my Yoga is infused with Nia! Yoga is one of the 9 movement forms of Nia, and we are invited to be in a dance of awareness where all our movements are sensed as a sacred mudra. Whether you are a seasoned Yoga practitioner or a beginner, I invite you to read my article "10 ways you can dance your Yoga", and come to class!

This week in class as we celebrate and focus on The Dance of Yoga, we will each set our own Sankalpa. Sankalpa is Sanskrit for an intention, promise or vow that is created from within your heart. Since it is created inwardly from our heart, it becomes universal in it's outcome, meaning it is already obtained. It could be stated as "Love is healing the world", rather than "I wish for Love to heal the world". Or rather than "I wish for peace", my Sankalpa could be "I am Peace". The playlist I created that we will be dancing to in my Nia classes will bring the energy of intentions to the Power of 2, for each song has it's own unique Sankalpa, that we will unit with our own Sankalpa. Check out my playlist HERE on Spotify.

And BTW, you have already been doing this if you have been coming to Nia at The Synergy Studio. The focus of "Now I Am" is a Sankalpa. Isn't it wonderful how Nia and Yoga are aligned!!

Namaste, Joanie

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