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Universal Language!!

No matter where you live, your race, or beliefs, music has the power to move our body, to evoke feelings and images, and connect us to our spirit. The next time you hear a song, take a moment and notice where the music lands in your body. Can you feel the emotion of the music? What images come to your mind? And how does the music connect to your soul? It doesn't matter the genre of the music or if you like it, the music is uniquely communicating to you! This is why I believe music is a Universal Language. And if you'd like to read a little science about music as a Universal Language, this is a Fun Article! I particularly like the end..." We'll never be able to prove without a shadow of a doubt that music came before semantic language. But music has functioned very much like a language throughout human history, and it's clear that music communicates in powerful ways that language just can't. Music is no neurological accident, or "cheesecake." It's an essential part of being human — part of what all people share."

Nia's philosophy on music is depicted in the triad Music, Movement, Magic. When we listen to Music, our Movement is our unique connection of the music to our body, emotions, mind, and spirit. The result is Magic, and from this Magic, Your Universal Dance is expressed! Yes! I believe Dance is a Universal Language as well or as Martha graham so beautifully states: "Dance is the hidden language of the Soul."!

In my Nia classes this week we will dance to a routine I created that is simple yet filled with passionate and fun music that was inspired by an incredible song by Marc Antoine called Universal Language. Along with the concepts of music and dance as Universal Languages, my intent is for you to create magic and express your Language of Dance. What if everyBody danced every Day? The world would be a better place indeed!! We will be dancing of course to Marc Antoine and also the Gipsy Kings, a little Buckshot LeFonque and Govi. I call our Cool Down and FloorPlay dramatic and passionate Yoga! I hope you can join me! Check out my teaching schedule HERE!

Namaste ya'll!


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