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Bring It!!

Hi my fellow dancers of life!

I am very blessed to be a member of the Nia Technique Faculty, a staff of fellow Nia Trainers that are dedicated to the best somatic education that enriches everyBody’s life here on Earth. We are lead by Nia co-founder Debbie Rosas, who encourages us to be both leaders and students, and generously shares her knowledge and learning’s with us. Recently I was reminded about the power of communication and relationship when Debbie shared her Nia Blue Belt training experience. Nia Blue Belt is called the Art of Communication, and like the Nia White Belt, gives us beautiful tools to enhance our body and life. Relationship is defined as “The exchange of energy between 2 or more things”, and when I look at people and things in my life as relationships, I am able to sense what needs attention to keep the relationship alive and well. I can also ask the question “What am I Bringing to this relationship?” Am I bringing love, joy, listening, anger, dedication, creativity, ego, etc. to this relationship? Is what I am bringing creating joy? When I ask these questions, it is a life changer for me, a new learning experience, and hopefully it is supports the other person or thing!

This week in my Nia and Yoga classes I am inviting each of us to explore our relationships: with our body, emotions, mind and spirit, with our Nia and/or Yoga practices, with fellow movers, with the music, with Nia and Yoga moves and poses. What am I Bringing? What do I want to Bring?!! It can be a great opportunity for each of us to heighten our awareness and listening skills, and invite any change to increase the joy of the relationship.

In our Nia classes this week we will dance to a new Nia routine called Bring It created by Nia Trainer Holly Nastasi. Many of you know and have danced with Holly. This routine is FUN, great music and explores Nia steps. Nia steps can be done in any direction: front, back, sides, across in space, around the room, and can connect us directly to the music. The opportunities to move, explore and create are endless!!! What is your relationship to the base of your body, Nia steps? Let’s Bring It this week!

My teaching schedule this week is wonderfully full and I hope you can join me!! Check out my schedule HERE!

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