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Awareness of Your Pelvis: Sensing Grace and Power

Hello My Dancing Friends!

One of the most common things I see in my classes is the limited mobility and ease with movement of the pelvis. Why is this? Perhaps it is a condition of ones social/cultural upbringing or ones belief system around the pelvis, and what that part of our body signifies. What I know for me is that until I discovered Nia, I did not know my pelvis' full potential for movement, and how by moving my pelvis I can heal my body. Movement of my pelvis strengthens the abdominal muscles, releases tension in my lower back and increases spinal flexibility and mobility. The word "pelvis" means basin and in Nia we like to call our pelvis the container. Think about it...your pelvis CONTAINS your reproductive organs, digestive organs, and your bladder, so YES it is a container! Every time I move my pelvis I am massaging these organs. I love to tell my students to circle their pelvis while standing in line at the grocery store. If anyone looks or asks what you are doing, tell them you are healing your lower back!

Our Pelvis also contains our Root and Sacral Chakras, 1 and 2, that connect us to earth and creativity. By moving our pelvis we can awaken these energy centers, and you may discover you are more grounded and emotionally alive from this dance!

I invite you to stand in a soft A stance and gently sway your pelvis side to side, imaging you have a kangaroo tail. Allow this beautiful tail to sweep the floor behind you. As you do this, sense your lower back. Take a deep inhale and then GRACEfully release with the sound of "UUUU". When I do this my lower back and head releases and I am very relaxed. Now do a hip pump side to side and POWERfully say "HA HA HA" as you exhale. Notice your emotion. Now thank your Body!!!

This week our Nia classes will be powered with the music of Sacred Earth Drums. We will move our bodies to the sounds of drums, flutes, guitars, birds, and water. Grounding with earth and unleashing our creativity, with the intent to free up our pelvis and sense grace and power. See you in class!



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