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Increase Awareness of Your Feminine Energy!

"You can still be strong and be feminine." Shannon Tweed

This week I am focusing on Feminine energy. Let's face it, the world can use more of this energy right now, and as the quote says, there is power...beautiful power in our feminine side. We all have it, men and women. Nia and Yoga beautifully blend these 2 energies in their dance of healing and joy. All we need to do is be aware, and allow our feminine to express.

Here are some ways for you to tap into your feminine during your dance and life:

*** Make your movements smaller, more internal, hugging your muscles close to your bones. In Nia we call this level one and it is a yummy sensation! Not only does it feel great, it works the smaller muscles that are stabilizers. And boy will you have great looking abs, buns, and arms!!!

*** Bring more freedom to your Yoga! The next time you are in a Warrior One, allow your arms and hands to move and explore. Imagine you are painting with your fingers. What is your emotion? Express with your hands!

*** Put on some music and dance without any choreography. Just let yourself go.

*** Give yourself a hug...many times a day!

*** The next time you are in class, choose NOT to follow your teacher. (Maybe not the entire class HA HA!). Be creative, be with your body sensations and see what happens.

*** Listen with an open heart and be fully present...don't say a word. Just listen. Listen to your partner, your children, your friends. Be with them. Now use this same practice as you listen to music. In Nia we call this RAW, the Art of Listening. Notice the instruments, the voices, the silence. It will change the way you hear music forever!!!

*** Be with your inhale and receive the gift of your breath.

The are so many ways to nurture your feminine. I'd love for you to share with me how you do it. Contact me HERE!


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