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Now I Am Open to the Presence of Miracles!

Blessings Dear Friends!! I love reading about miracles, and being raised Catholic, I learned about the magic and mystery of miracles. Through these teachings, my practices, prayers, meditations and life itself, I have an expanded awareness of miracles. Miracles happen every day and they surround me! I just need to open my eyes and heart! The word miracle comes from the Latin root, which means to "behold in rapt attention", so if I tune into awareness, and see with eyes of love and mystery, I will witness miracles that happen every day, all day! The Miracle of the Sun, the Moon , the birds, the plants, my family & friends, and all of life. The Miracle of my body and her ability to heal. The Miracle of my emotions to feel all of life. The Miracle of my mind, to imagine, to notice, process and transform. And the Miracle of my Spirit, my true essence. From this awareness anything and everything is possible. Join me in my Nia and Yoga classes this week as we celebrate Miracles! In my Nia classes I will be teaching the routine called Miracle that focuses on the multidimensionality of who we are, awakening to the miracle of our body, emotions, mind and spirit. We will use music, form, freedom, sensation, precision, chaos, order, self and community; all connected with the bonding element of love. Now I Am open to the presence of Miracles. Now I Am a wondrous miracle of life! These mantras I received during a miracle meditation I did with Deepak Chopra.

See you on the dance floor!

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Oh and here is one of the biggest Miracles in my life!!



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