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Water is Life, Water is Love!!

Happy Heart Week Dear Dancing Friends!!

This morning as I stepped into my small studio to pray, meditate and move, I was touched by the sensation of the slow nurturing movement of water inside and outside of my body. This movement felt yummy in my body and touched my heart space. Water is life, and we are water! Water is love and we are love!

Water also cleanses my body, and being with the flow of water can bring clearing to my emotions, mind and spirit. Allowing life to flow like a beautiful river on a sunny day, helps me to slow down and connect to the beauty and love that surrounds me.

Following this sensation, I decided to dance with my dear friend Winalee Zeeb, fellow trainer and mentor, in her new Nia routine Deep Dive. Her routine and the music are very healing, and I connected deeply with the grace and the power of the fluid movements. In Nia we call this Mobility, and it is one of the 5 Sensations of Fitness that we can activate at any time. I am excited to teach this routine and I hope you will join me.

Look HERE for my schedule this week. I will be in the flow of water in both my Nia and Yoga classes. Have a wonderful week and Happy Valentines Day !!!

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