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Heart Energy Your Way!

Good morning Friends!!

Please receive my heart energy of love today and everyday. This past weekend we had a heart filled weekend with Nia teachers and students dancing and learning together the new Nia routine called Pulse. It is a FUNtastic routine and focuses on the energy sensations of the 9 movement forms of Nia.

Martial Arts:

  • Tai Chi…Slow dance

  • Tae Kwo…Dance of precision

  • Aikido…Dance of harmonious spherical motion

Dance Arts:

  • Jazz…Dance of fun, showmanship and expression

  • Modern Dance…Dance of shapes in space

  • Duncan Dance…Dance of free-spirited honest movement

Healing Arts:

  • Work of Moshe Feldenkrais… Dance of conscious awareness of sensation

  • Alexander Technique…Dance of movement from the top

  • Yoga…Dance of conscience alignment of bones and joints

Each art a new sensation, a new way to heal. Join me Monday and Thursday at 5:30 pm at The Synergy Studio as we connect hearts and dance these unique personalities and sensations!

AND THEN get ready for a Nia FreeDance!! Adelle Brewer and I are facilitating a Nia FreeDance training that is for EveryBody on June 25 and 26. A weekend filled with fun and learning with a great community of people, and diving deeper into why we all love -Nia!

If you choose to teach, Nia FreeDance (FD) training will provide you with the knowledge and skills to successfully engage dancers in a blend of structured and unstructured movement. Founded on the eight-stages of FreeDance, and on the synergistic combination of music, movement, and magic, you will learn how to craft and guide a Nia FreeDance class. Register and find out more information HERE!!

Join us for pubic Nia FreeDance classes!!

Saturday, June 25 at 9:30 am

Sunday, June 26 at 10:30 am (Please note the 4:00 pm Nia class is cancelled on this day)

Love& Light

Joanie Brooks

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