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Path of the Sacred Athlete!

"A Sacred Athlete is a teacher and healer to everyBody, and makes choices from love and pleasure. This is the path to transformation and self-mastery."

(Nia White Belt Learn Book)

Nia White is the path to self-mastery designed to get you into your body, and use your body and movement to maximize the business of your body and all aspects of your life. The Nia White belt intensive gifts you with tools for managing stress, enhancing your relationships, improving productivity, and creating a life balance, as you explore techniques using your body, voice, intent, mind, emotions and unique spirit to master getting into and living in your body. It is also the 1st step into teaching Nia if that is your desire. Nia White Belt is empowering and opens you to your potential and purpose as you step into your greatness! The Nia White Belt...conditioning for your body and your life!

This Friday Adelle Brewer and I will step into a Nia White Belt intensive at The Synergy Studio. After 21 years of teaching Nia and 5 1/2 years training Nia, I still get JAZZed about sharing and practicing this body of work! I hope you can come and dance with us and our trainees as they step into their greatness and walk the path of the Sacred Athlete.

My classes this week at The Synergy Studio:

Thursday 9:15 am Nia FreeDance

Thursday 5:30 pm Nia

Friday (Nia WB training starts!!) 5:30 pm Nia - Focus on Joy of Movement

Saturday 9:30 am Nia - Focus on Natural Time and 9 Movement Forms

Sunday 4:00 pm Nia - Focus on our Base

Attention Movers and Shakers - yes YOU!! This Saturday, June 4 at 6:00 pm, join me for Nia FreeDance! Nia FreeDance is designed to support you in moving freely and expressively, bringing you closer to the source of your authentic dance, where spirit, body, mind, and emotions unite to create an artful movement experience. Soul-stirring music and eclectic sonic landscapes will provide cellular resonance to evoke self-expression, and unleash movement creativity!! Every Body can move and dance!!! Come alone, with friends, your partner…All are welcome!!

I also teach Nia this Friday at R II M Fitness at 8:30 am.

Namaste friends!!!

In Love and Light, Joanie

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