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Moving with grace, power and ease. 13 joint Dance of Aliveness!

Have you ever noticed the grace, power and ease of movement by certain athletes, dancers and Nia teachers? This comes from our joints, which are meant to open and close to move our body systemically with grace, power and ease. We have hundreds of joints in our body and in Nia, we activate all of our joints through 13 main

joints. These 13 joints are ankles, knees, hips, wrists, elbows, shoulders and our spine as one BIG joint.

Close your eyes and sense these 13 joints. What do you sense? Any stiffness, pain, pleasure? Please do a Dance of Aliveness with me by circling, rotating, pointing, flexing, bending and undulating all these joints. Now close your eyes and what do you sense? Do you feel a balance flow of energy? Do you feel invigorated, renewed, and alive? When we move energy through these joints it is like we are breathing life into the rest of our body. It is amazing!

Another fun way to active the 13 joint Dance of Aliveness is to move up and down from the earth. If you were in my classes last week I actually gave this as a ‘homework’ assignment…to move up and down from earth 13 times. This creates mobility and stability required to keep our joints efficient and will bring youthfulness to your body.

Join me in Nia classes as we boggy our 13 joints in the Dance of Aliveness.

Did you know…

Joints contain sensory nerves called “baro-receptors”. These receptors react to atmospheric changes in the barometric pressure. So, when a thunderstorm is approaching and the barometric pressure drops, some people with joint pain can actually tell a storm is on the horizon! Oh NO!

My upcoming Nia classes:

Thursday at 5:30 pm, Saturday at 9:30 am and Sunday at 4:00

Monday at 5:30 pm at The Synergy Studio.

Tuesday 9:00 am DIVA Nia Moving to Heal at Forte Rehabilitation

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