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Sensing You Shoulder Blades - Wings of Freedom!

"Your wings exist, all you have to do is fly!" (from

Isn’t the image of wings on you back beautiful?!! We do have wings, our shoulder blades, our scapula, and they are there for us to fly and reach our potential!!

Scapula, which means blade in Latin, are 2 flat triangular bones at the back of our body that lie over the posterior surface of our rib cage. I love the sensation of my shoulder blades as they slide and glide, and wing out, as I my move my arms up and down and around.

Do this with me: Place your arms to the side of your body, palms facing out, and raise your arms up towards the sky. Did you sense how your shoulder blades "wing" out? Now rotate your palms down and bring your arms back down towards the side of your body. Did you sense the closing of your wings? It's amazing - feels like I'm flying! In order for our wings to fly freely, the muscles that support our wings (our rhomboids, trapezius, and and levator scapulae) like to be in a relaxed and ready state we call dynamic tension. In Nia, we condition these muscles through creative arm and hand expressions, changing the direction of our palms, changing the angle of our upper arm bones, and by reaching out and touching life!

A great way to open and close your wings and conditions the surrounding muscles is to give yourself a hug! Let’s all hug right now! Inhale, smelling the moment and as you exhale, place both hands on opposite shoulders and gently draw inward to open your upper back. Squeeze and say AHHH!! Now open your heart and smell the moment as you reach your hands behind. Squeeze your shoulder blades and look up towards the sky. Imagine the freedom of flying!!

Join me in class as we take off , sensing our wings of freedom!

My classes this week:

*Monday 5:30 pm at The Synergy Studio

*Tuesday 9:00 am DIVA Nia Moving to Heal class at Forte Rehabilitation

*Thursday 5:30 pm at The Synergy Studio

*Friday 8:30 am at R II M Fitness. NEW CLASS - 1st class is free!!!

*Saturday 9:30 am at The Synergy Studio

*Sunday 4:00 pm at The Synergy Studio. I will also be teaching the 8:45 am Yoga Slow Flow class on Sunday.

I will also teach Nia FreeDance Saturday at 6:00 pm at The Synergy Studio!

Additional yoga classes: Yoga on Monday at 12:15 pm at Gold's Gym downtown on Travis St. and on Tuesday at 10:45 am at Gold's Gym Alamo Heights on Austin Hwy.

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