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You're Only as Young As Your Spine is Flexible!

Hello Friends!!

Yes, I believe I am as young as my spine is flexible, and I feel ageless!! I love the fact that my brain is stimulated by moving my spine since I move my spine in different ways all day long! Our spine is a beautiful work of art within our body. Our spine is Flexible, Agile, Mobile, Strong and Stable, and in Nia we use these 5 fitness sensations (we call them FAMSS) to condition our spine.

Your spine, which is made up of 26 vertebrate that allow for multidimensional movement, loves to bend, vibrate, undulate, rotate, flex, stretch, to stabilize and most importantly, your spine loves joyful movement!! When your spine is healthy, your torso is healthy, helping to keep your arms and legs flooded with energy. No matter what type of movement I do, what shape I create, it will magically go back to its inherent shape and be even stronger!! As you dance through life, imagine your spine as a soft blue ribbon of light spiraling from the base of your spine through the crown of your head.

In Nia we move our body in all directions, we use our eyes to look out, up and down, we circle and bump our hips, undulate, and shimmy, resulting in a spine that is Flexible, Agile, Mobile, Strong and Stable....AND according to Dr. Roger Sperry, we also nourish our brain!!! YES!!

My classes the rest of this week, let's dance our spine! Thursday at 5:30 pm, Saturday at 9:30 am and Sunday at 4:00 pm at The Synergy Studio.

Friday at 8:30 am at R II M Fitness.

And Sunday join Adelle and me for a special Yoga Class with essential oils at 8:45 am. Inner Spring Cleaning. Register HERE



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