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Radiant Core - Are You Ready to Belly Dance!!

Hello Friends! I have to admit I’m a bit nervous sharing this picture with you. I found a similar picture when I goggled, and decided I should use my own. It has taken me YEARS to be comfortable with my belly – so here she is!!! Radiant Core…Radiant Belly! Nia has helped me create a better relationship with my belly, and now I can truthfully say I love my belly. AHHH! Now lets all do a great big BELLY LAUGH – HA HA HO HO HEE HEE - a great way to condition your belly.

This week we will Dance Our Belly (and of course laugh) in order to condition our whole abdominal area: the front, sides and back, from the top of our waist all the way to the bottom of our pelvis. When you belly dance you help to increase lower back strength and flexibility. It also increases the muscle tone around the lumbar spine and abdominal area, and helps improve posture and digestion. Belly dancing is good for the whole body!

In Nia, we move and dance our whole body (called systemic movement), and by doing this we, auto-Magically condition our abdominal muscles. We expand and contract, fold and unfold our body, inhale and exhale, and use our sound...all bringing life to our abdominal muscles. We also dance our pelvis, chest and head. Do this with me: Stand in a soft A-Stance, place your hands on your belly or your waist and circle your pelvis. Do you feel the engagement of all the muscles? Now place your hands on the top of your head and do hip bumps. WHOA! Did you feel your core muscles stimulated? Last thing. Place your hands back on your belly, create a heart with your hands like I did in the picture, and smell the moment. Send a big breath of love to your hands and let the heart you created expand! And send me a picture!!

I can’t wait to dance with you!! My classes for the rest of the week – all at The Synergy Studio:

Thursday at 5:30 pm,

Saturday at 9:30 am

Sunday at 4:00 pm

Sunday I’m also teaching the 8:45 am slow flow. Radiant Core…Radiant Belly!



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