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Spring Forward - Leap Forward -

Hello Friends!

Spring is definitely here!! Flowers blooming, birds singing and yes the beautiful rain! Spring forward, leap forward with me in class as we focus on our feet!!

Physically sense your feet as your direct connection to the earth - your hands that touch the earth. This is your stability, your power, where balance in your whole body begins, allowing you to safely walk, run, jump and leap forward in life!

Emotionally sense your feet standing and stepping firmly as you say YES to who you are! Let your feet express love, confidence and joy as you dance through life…as you spring forward with trust.

Mentally sense and imagine your feet 50 times their size, helping you to ground and root into earth! Imagine your feet strong like the Martial Artist, playful like a dancer, and as a place to rest into and heal.

Spiritually sense your feet as your guide leading you towards your potential. Each step a new creation, each step an open door, and each step moving you closer to your dreams!

Join me in classes at The Synergy Studio:

Wednesday and Thursday 5:30 pm Nia

Saturday 9:30 am Nia

AND step in with me for Nia FreeDance this Saturday, March 12 at 6:00 pm at The Synergy Studio. Nia FreeDance is designed to support you in moving freely and expressively, bringing you closer to the source of your authentic dance, where spirit, body, mind, and emotions unite to create an artful movement experience. Soul-stirring music and eclectic sonic landscapes will provide cellular resonance to evoke self-expression, and unleash movement creativity!! Every Body can move and dance!!! Come alone, with friends, your partner…All are welcome!!

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