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Beauty! Love Your Body - Love Your Life

“BEAUTY is an expression of living one’s profound style that emanates from within. Nia dips into the deeper pool of self-love, self-expression, and self-realization. From this pool, a light-hearted playfulness and radiance dances into being. Sustaining self-love is the path to wholeness.” From the 4 Pillars of Nia.

Good morning Friends!

What is your definition of BEAUTY? I invite you to open to Nia's definition of BEAUTY – Loving Your Body and Loving Your Life. As one of the 4 pillars (principles) of Nia, BEAUTY is not about physical appearance. BEAUTY comes from within, from loving who you are, that transforms into an inner BEAUTY, and then radiates out into the world. Each of us is unique and beautiful in our own way.

I invite you to go to a mirror and gaze into your eyes. Look deep into the spirit that lives inside you. Open your heart to this spirit and see your inner BEAUTY. Now bring your whole body into your viewing and sense all your BEAUTY. Own it. If this is uncomfortable, shift your perception of what you think beauty is, and let yourself dive into Nia’s deep pool of self-love, self-expression, and self-realization. The water is wonderful! This is not an easy practice for me, and it has taken me years to receive the healing waters and be comfortable in my skin, in my uniqueness.

So, let’s swim together in Nia class as we sense our BEAUTY. Nia invites us to play with the shapes of our bones and muscles, and create BEAUTY, conditioning and healing. Nia invites us to own who we are and say YES as we punch and kick, and sense our personal Power (another Nia Pillar). Nia invites us to Move, Explore and Create our unique dance, connecting us to our body, emotions, mind and spirit to evoke self-expression and movement creativity. Life as Art – you are living art!! Let’s dance!!

Namaste! Joanie

My Nia classes this week:

Monday 5:30 pm at The Synergy Studio

Wednesday 9:00 am DIVA class at R II M Fitness

Thursday 5:30 pm at The Synergy Studio

Friday 8:30 am at R II M Fitness. NEW CLASS - 1st class is free!!!

Saturday 9:30 am at The Synergy Studio

Sunday 4:00 pm at The Synergy Studio. I will also be teaching the

8:45 am Yoga class on Sunday

AND mark your calendar

Special once a month Nia FreeDance Saturday, March 12 at 6:00 pm at The Synergy Studio. Nia FreeDance is designed to support you in moving freely and expressively, bringing you closer to the source of your authentic dance, where spirit, body, mind, and emotions unite to create an artful movement experience. Soul-stirring music and eclectic sonic landscapes will provide cellular resonance to evoke self-expression, and unleash movement creativity!! Every Body can move and dance!!!Come alone, with friends, your partner…All are welcome!!

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