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A JOY Filled Life!

Good morning friends!

I took this photo yesterday on a walk with my husband Larry and my dog Rocket at Canyon Lake. It was so peaceful and quiet, and we all just stopped and gazed at this beautiful image before us. It was a simple moment, yet a moment that was alive, charged with life force energy, and it filled my being with Joy and Gratitude!

Earlier in the day I would say I lost joy, being in a place of concern with things happening around me, and this was a gentle reminder to me that Joy is always present, I just need to chose. We all have that choice. So today and every day I make a promise to chose joy.

In Nia we experience Joy as a physical sensation, which encourages us to embrace our body and life as it is and move in ways to create Joy and pleasure. Joy of Movement (JOM) is a physical sensation experienced through the body. Our body is the source of the JOM. If anything distracts me, I come back to my body. To experience JOM, I simply need to consciously choose to sense Joy - and then let it in.

This week is a JOY filled week as Adelle and I introduce a new Nia routine called JOY! JOY, created by Ann Christiansen, Nia's Master Trainer, is a magical routine, filled with life and love, and FUNtastic music. Join us in classes and in a Playshop where you can learn the moves of the routine.

My Nia classes this week at The Synergy Studio:

Monday (today) & Thursday at 5:30 pm: Sprinkling bits of JOY routine in our dance!

Friday at 5:30 pm: Team teaching JOY routine with Adelle

Saturday at 9:30 am: Team teaching JOY routine with Adelle

Sunday at 2:30: Nia Playshop - Learn the moves of JOY. Register HERE!! It includes the 4:00 pm class.

Sunday at 4:00 pm: Team teaching JOY with many of your favorite Nia teachers!!! It's a JOY jam!

I will also be teaching the 8:45 am Slow Flow Yoga on Sunday.



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