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Through Movement We Find Health

Good morning Friends!

"Movement is the song of the body in union with the universe."

Nia Health Pillar

It doesn't matter our age or health condition, I believe movement is THE way to heal our body, mind and spirit. Just as a stagnant water breeds health concerns, non-movement can be devastating to our body! Have you heard sitting is now called the new smoking? Studies are now showing sitting for extended times can increase the risk of disease and death just like smoking. So let's get up and move!!!

"Movement is the song of the body in union with the universe." Isn't that beautiful!! All life in the universe needs movement in order to thrive. Nia movement creates health and wellness in our entire being through systemic movement that addresses all layers of our body including muscles, joints, lungs, heart, lymphatic system and our brain. Nia stimulates our body, emotions, mind and spirit through Martial Arts, Dance Arts, Healing Arts, music, vocal sounding and free expression! Nia uses 5 fitness sensations of Flexibility, Agility, Mobility, Strength and Stability to create diversity of movement in our body. And the beauty is no matter what your health condition, you can move in your unique way and find health.

Join me in this quick exercise. Stand up and first move your left ankle (circle, point and flex your foot), then your left knee, left hip, left wrist, elbow and shoulder joint. Close your eyes and sense the difference between your left and right sides. That sensation is life force energy! Now move your spine and then travel down your right side moving the same joints. Movement can be this simple to create health.

Move with me this week - See you on the dance floor!

My Nia classes this week at The Synergy Studio:

Thursday at 5:30 pm

Saturday at 9:30 am

Sunday at 4:00 pm

I will also be teaching the Sunday 8:45 am Slow Flow Yoga class.


Mark your calendar for our February special once a month Nia FreeDance class: Saturday, Feb. 13, at 6:00 pm. Nia FreeDance is designed to support you in moving freely and expressively, bringing you closer to the source of your authentic dance, where spirit, body, mind, and emotions unite to create an artful movement experience. Soul-stirring music and eclectic sonic landscapes will provide cellular resonance to evoke self-expression, and unleash movement creativity!! EveryBody can move and dance!!!Come alone, with friends, your partner…All are welcome!!




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