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Dance of Blending

Hello Dancing Friends! Blending: To create an harmonious effect or result. Inside, Outside, Universally. This busy time of year is great for the practice of the art of Blending to create harmony inside and outside of me, and Universally. My triad for Blending is Harmony/Healing/Happiness and as you Dance Through Life, I invite you to use this blending triad on the dance floor, in your car, in the store, with your family, friends and co-workers. Everywhere - connecting to the sensation of Blending! In class we will use form and freedom as we blend one movement to the other, one body part to another, harmonizing circular and linear movements, big and small movements, as well as blending with the space and each other. The art of Blending will help each of us sense harmony, which promotes healing in our body, mind and spirit, and creates a happy person!! See you on the dance floor. Practice patience as you blend with people around you...use the Shuni Mudra hand mudra, known as “the seal of patience.”, formed by placing the tip of the middle finger on the tip of the thumb. My creation of this hand mudra is at the top of this post. My classes this week at The Synergy Studio:

  • Monday & Thursday at 5:30 pm - Dance to the Nia routine Leap of Faith where we will use spiral energy to BLEND our motions with emotion, power and grace.

  • Saturday at 9:30 am & Sunday at 4:00 pm - Dance to the Nia routine Mandala. BLENDing drums, electric guitar, silence, sound!!

  • I will also be teaching the Sunday 5:30 pm Yoga slow flow class; BLENDing breath and movement, creating a sensation of your unique yoga dance!

Additional classes: I teach Nia Moving To Heal with the Diva Program on Tuesday at9:00 am at Forte Rehabilitation & Wellness. AND Yoga on Monday at 12:15 pm at Gold's Gym downtown on Travis St. Tuesday at 10:45 am at Gold's Gym Alamo Heights on Austin Hwy. Friday at 8:15 am at Concord Gold's Gym

Namaste! Joanie

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