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Laughter Yoga for Seniors


Adds More Laughter to Life:  

As we grow older, we laugh less and less. Because of dementia and

Alzheimer’s disease, seniors often times can’t get jokes or find

anything funny. This is because humor is mental and cognitive

phenomena. Therefore, Laughter Yoga is a great form of exercise

and seniors can get multiple health benefits from it.


Promotes Physical Health:

As we grow older because of wear and tear most seniors have many

ailments like high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma and other

diseases of aging. Laughter Yoga helps in healing from illnesses by

strengthening immune system, increasing oxygen to the body cells

and bringing a positive mental state.


Supports Good Mental Health:

Many seniors suffer from depression, frustration and anger. As they

lose loved ones and their health, it becomes increasingly difficult to

maintain a positive mental attitude. Laughter Yoga supports good

mental health regardless of their circumstances.


Increased Social Connection:

Laughter Yoga allows for strong social bonding with friends, relatives,

fellow residents at care facilities as well as care givers and medical

personnel. This development of friendship decreases loneliness and

increases quality of life.


Contact Joanie for more information, to create a program unique for you, or to schedule your next event!


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