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Laughter Yoga for Schools


Promotes Healthy Emotional Development:

It is through play that children develop emotional intelligence when

they grow up. However, children today are not physically playing

much, they are glued to their mobile phones, television and

computer screens. Laughter Yoga encourages children to physically

play and express themselves fully for their emotional development.


Increases Academic Performance:

By increasing the net supply of oxygen to the body and brain,

Laughter Yoga helps children stay focused for peak academic

performance.  Also it reduces examination stress.


Develops Self-Confidence: 

By encouraging boisterous self-expression, kids can find their own

voice. Their leadership skills and self-confidence naturally grows.

Laughter Yoga exercises reduce inhibitions and shyness leading to

more self-confidence in public speaking and other stage







Contact Joanie for more information and to create a program unique for you, or to schedule your next event!


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