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Balance, Strength and Flexibility!!

TaijiFit + Nia + Yoga

Combining the balancing power and meditation of TaijiFit™ (Tai Chi), the heart-pumping non-impact dance of Nia™, and the strength and flexibility of Yoga,  "Triad Conditioning" classes start with 20 minutes of Tai Chi to calm the nervous system and condition your balance.  Then we dance Nia, ending the class with the healing energy of Yoga to condition your strength and flexibility.  The music is inspirational and FUN, and you will leave the class feeling challenged, motivated, and ready to come back for more."

Monday's at 5:30 pm & Sunday's at 4:00 pm

The Synergy Studio

tai chi fit.jpg

David-Dorian Ross, Creator of TaijiFit

teaching at the studio in January 2019.

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