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Nia Routine Immersion Weekend 

August 7-9













Join us for a weekend of Nia fun as we dance to the new Nia routine REACH in classes, a playshop for everyBody, and a Nia teacher routine immersion! 

The playshop will be fantastic fun as we learn the moves of the routine REACH!

The focus of REACH is is the upper extremities, including the shoulder girdle, arms, hands and fingers. Become conscious of how your upper extremities connect you with space by reaching up, out, down, back and all around. The choreography calls for precision in the placement of the upper extremities with ample repetition to practice each move, adding cardiovascular and muscular conditioning.


The intent of this routine is to open up the shoulder girdle while providing conditioning and freedom in the upper body, allowing you to experience comfort and pleasure in your dance and all your daily movement.

The routine was created by Holly Nastasi.  You will love it!



The Immersion weekend:

Friday, August 7, 5:30pm class

Saturday, August 8, 9:30am class 

followed by Nia Belt learning experience 

Sunday, August 9, 2:30pm 'Learn the Moves' experience for students  

Sunday, 4:00pm class



Cost for Nia Students:  $30, includes the 

routine music, playshop and class on Sunday 

Please register on-line.  


Cost for Nia Licensed Belts:  $50, includes colored bars, movements and pearls for each 

of the songs, and the Nia classes on Saturday 

and Sunday. 

Nia Belts, email Joanie to register.


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