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Celebrating LIFE!!

"The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. "

Joseph Campbell

Dear Dancing Friends!!

U are a unique expression of LIFE and everything you do, whether you are aware of it or not, is infused with your energy...your Life Force, and is reflected in your physical, emotional, mental and spirit body. This brings an awareness for me of how I am living my LIFE. Is my Life Force charged with JOY or with discouragement? I am infused with potential or doubt? Fear or Fear-LESS?

The invitation is to choose to make every day a celebration of LIFE and an opportunity to celebrate the magnificence of who you are.

This week I am celebrating my birthday, and many of you know my philosophy on age: Age is just a number to me! What is real and important to me is youthfulness and aliveness that can be present at any age, and I am grateful for the youthfulness and aliveness Nia brings to my body and my life!

So in honor of LIFE itself, I will be introducing one of the new Nia 2017 routines called LIFE, created by Nia's Master Trainer, Ann Christiansen in my Nia classes this week. LIFE's focus is on Nia steps and stances, and invites us to make the movements come alive with our Life Force. As Ann states: "Let’s dance the sensation of LIFE with Nia and celebrate that we can reset, renew and rediscover our own LIFE every day."

See you this week on the dance floor. Check out my Nia and Yoga schedule HERE! Saturday is my BIG celebration!!



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