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Nia...Tasting The Sensations of Your Body!!!

Hello my Friends!

AHHHH!!!! That is how I feel after a wonderful meal that engaged all my taste is also the sound that comes after tasting dark chocolate. Oh YES! AND it is the sensation and sound of my body after I have taken a Nia class. Nia just tastes darn wonderful to my body and brings me pleasure!!! Nia offers all of us a fulfilling experience of taste through movement, music, and a sensory connection to our body, mind, emotions and spirit. Just like we crave certain foods, our body craves sensations of wellness and pleasure. And when we are sensing our movements, we are "Tasting" with our whole body in the NOW that allows us to make choices that are safe and pleasurable. Right now...taste the temperature of your foot on the earth. Taste the relationship of your feet and ankles. Taste the sensation of your spine AHHH!!!. So join me as focus on tasting the 5 fitness sensations of Nia. Serving up FAMSS!! The taste of Flexibility, energy moving out along our bones in all directions. The taste of Agility, starting and stopping of our movements...our taste buds love this!! The taste of Mobility, energy in constant motion. The taste of Strength, energy packing in against the bones...OH it tastes wonderful!! And then the taste our body loves the best, Stability, where all energies connect and become one, giving us the taste of peace and harmony. Our body craves these sensations. Nia is like chocolate for the whole body, wouldn't you agree....come dance and taste it!!

Love & Light,

Joanie Nia White Belt Trainer Nia FreeDanceTrainer Nia 1st Degree Black Belt Nia Moving to Heal Teacher Nia 5 Stages of Healing FacilitatorYoga teacher Yoga Teacher JourneyDance Facilitator Laughter Yoga Leader Mindful Change Coach

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