Infinity Day!

August 8, 2016


"You are Infinitely Unique!  Live up to your True SELF!"

 Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, Philosopher, Poet, Journalist & Science-fiction Author 


Hello Dancing Friends,


Through one of my Yoga Teacher newsletters, I became aware that Infinity Day, also known as Universal & International Infinity Day, is a day held on the 8th day of the 8th month (August 8) of each year in order to celebrate and promote Philosophy and Philosophizing for everBody.  It was interesting to read about the roots of this day; however, more meaningful to me is how the symbol represents infinite possibilities and potential.   


Nia's philosophy is "Through Movement We Find Health".  Simple, yet powerful!  Nia does not tell me how to move or why to move; just move and healing will be found.  

We have over 200 bones and over 700 muscles, and with this beautiful design we call our body, we have infinite ways to Move, Explore and Create healing, joy and wellness!  No matter what age!  From our body, the possibilities manifest to our mind, emotions and spirit.  Join me this week as we awaken to infinite ways to heal...Infinity!!



This week I will be practicing the Suni Mudra hand mudra.  Shuni Mudra is known as the “seal of patience.” The middle finger represents courage to hold duty, and responsibility and the thumb represents fire and divine nature. When the two fingers are placed together it is meant to symbolize and encourage patience, discernment, focus and discipline.  In Nia, our thumb represents love/nurturing and the middle finger power/balance.  My healing affirmation with this mudra is "I am patient as I activate my infinite power to self heal."  Join me and see you in class!  


My Nia and Yoga classes this week:   


* 12:15 PM YOGA AT GOLD'S GYM TRAVIS (downtown)








Jan Jarboe Russell will be teaching my Saturday 9:30 am and Sunday 4:00 pm Nia classes.  She is amazing...have fun with her!





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