Personal Power, The Joy Resides Within – So Hum!

July 25, 2016


Hello Dancing Friends!
This morning I am returning home from an amazing weekend in Colorado, dancing with beautiful beings in Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs.  My deep gratitude goes out to my fellow friends and Nia co-hearts Dana Hood, Jackie Diner and Loretta Milo for hosting Adelle and me as we shared Nia FreeDance.   I am passionate about this practice and I hope you can join us in one of our 4 Nia FreeDance trainings this year!  It is for everyBody!
So Hum…I am!  What a powerful mantra.  It clearly states and manifests anything I chose to be.  I am light, I am peace, I am beauty, I am joy.  By stating this mantra I am in my personal power, owning who I am.  Nia defines Power as the ability to act, say, think and express attitude, style and belief without reserve, hesitation or limitation.  Personal Power is the freedom and courage to express myself, to speak my truth, and to live authentically.  I am courage!!



Join me in this beautiful hand mudra of contemplation and invitation, Avahani.  Bring your hands into prayer in front of your heart.  Now slowly open your hands as if to read from a book.  Close your eyes and state “So Hum ____” and fill in the blank with a word, thought or prayer that expresses you now, and place inside your book.  Then gently close the book, and place your hands on your 3rd chakra, Manipura or Solar Plexus, the chakra of personal power and desire.  Let out a big exhale.  AHHHHH!!
My Nia and Yoga classes this week:   












*8:45 YOGA & 4:00 PM NIA 


SO HUM...Love & Light, Joanie

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