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Form and Freedom - Expressing Who You Are!

Blessings to everyBody as we step into our 4th of July celebration weekend!! Join me in Nia as we play with Form and Freedom, celebrating our uniqueness and freely expressing who we are! So what is Form and Freedom in Nia? Think of Form as the katas (movement sequences), the 9 Movement forms of Nia (Martial Arts, Dance Arts, Healing Arts), Nia 52 moves, 7 cycles of Nia, and even the music (sounds, silence, rhythm, melody, harmony). Freedom is how YOU uniquely dance and express within Nia's form, connecting to Your Body's Way (YBW), Your Spirit's Way (YSW), and Your Emotional Range of Motion (YEROM)! This is when the fireworks go off!!!

We use form to find freedom and we use freedom to transcend our form. As a Sacred Athlete, the potential is limitless as your freedom comes alive with your creativity, beauty and expression.

Join me on the dance floor...let's celebrate and create fireworks!!!

My classes this week at The Synergy Studio:

Thursday at 5:30 pm

Saturday at 9:30 am - Dance to MoodFood Nia Routine!

Sunday at 4:00 pm - Dance to MoodFood Nia Routine!

NO MONDAY 5:30 pm Nia class on July 4th at The Synergy Studio

NO MONDAY 12:15 pm yoga on July 4th at Gold's Gym Travis Downtown club

I just finished a Nia FreeDance training last weekend with my dear friend and co-trainer Adelle Brewer. We had an amazing group of 15 free spirits from our San Antonio, Houston and Austin Nia Communities, Philadelphia and Ottawa, Canada! It was an amazing and very fun two days. Every training and class I teach fills me with new knowledge, awareness and gratitude for this transformational practice. I hope you can join us in our next training! It is open to EveryBody!

As with everything we do on the dance floor, we can take into life, for Nia is a life style practice. Find Freedom in everything you do: your job, cleaning your house, walking your pet, grocery shopping, being with your family and loved ones... Endless possibilities to express who you are!

Be safe my dear friends!!! I love you all!



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