Spiritual High - Blissful and Grounded!

December 7, 2015

Hello my dancing friends. 



Yesterday the Nia routine Spiritual High called me as I stepped into my home studio and into my own Nia practice.  Spiritual HIgh is a routine created in 1995 by Nia co-founder Carlos Aya Rosas.  I love being a student, and when I release from being a teacher and receive with purity and a beginners mind, I leave the space for continued healing and transformation.  Each time I am a student, I receive a gift.  Maybe I’ve received the gift before, yet due to where I am in my journey, it is new and takes on a different sensation in my body. This keeps me coming back again, and again and again!


Carlos called Spiritual High a place where you feel blissful inside and grounded outside; a place you feel light yet in contact with the ground.  As I danced this routine, his pearls guided me to release and discover the possibilities of my body as I stay grounded in my body, and allowed the magic to unfold.   My dance was safe and ALIVE, and I sensed new magic in my body!


I am blessed and very grateful to have Nia as a life style and wellness practice.  Nia is first and foremost dedicated to my body.  THANK YOU! Nia teaches me in this lifetime I am here on the earth, in this body, and it is through my body I get to express my form and freedom, my emotions, my spirit and my Spiritual High.  Safe and ALIVE! 


I am excited to teach Spiritual High this week in my Nia classes.  It has been awhile since I taught this routine and I hope you can join me! We will focus on finding our personal Spiritual High as we dance the sacred dance of our body. BTW, at one point I had to laugh out loud while dancing, when during a song transition of silence Carlos said:  “Bring a tape and the music will come.”  HA HA HA!!  Now that is going back in time!! 


My classes this week:
Monday (today) and Thursday at 5:30 pm
Saturday at 9:30 am at The Synergy Studio


I also teach Yoga on Monday at 12:15 pm at Gold's Gym downtown on Travis St. and on Tuesday at 10:45 am at Gold's Gym Alamo Heights on Austin Hwy.




Nia Training Faculty, Nia White Belt Trainer
Nia 1st Degree Black Belt
Yoga teacher
JourneyDance Facilitator
Nia 5 Stages of Healing Facilitator
Laughter Yoga Leader
Mindful Change Coach
DoTerra Essential Oils Representative:  http://www.mydoterra.com/joaniebrooks/



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