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Full Moon - Shining Your Light

"Yeah we all shine on, like the moon, and the stars, and the sun."

John Lennon

Good morning Friends!! Tomorrow at 7:05 am we will celebrate the full moon for October which is the last super moon of the year. There is something magical about the moon - the fullness and brightness that for me brings on a sense of newness and excitement, and also makes me feel connected to everyone... just by looking at the moon! It also is a symbol of the brightness that shines in each of us! The body of work called Nia that I have been practicing for over 21 years, honors the light and potential in each of us, and gives us life tools to support our Dance of Life. Adelle Brewer and I just completed the 1st weekend of a split weekend Nia white belt training with 4 amazing beings of light from our San Antonio community. They are diving into 13 principles focused on body-centered awareness that teaches you somatic skills for connecting to your body and life. We continue this Friday, with graduation day on November 1. I hope you can come and dance with us and our trainees as they step into their greatness and walk the path of the Sacred Athlete. Nia classes this week at The Synergy Studio: Monday (today) and Thursday at 5:30 pm: Focus on our beautiful fingers, hands and arms. Reach for your potential!! Friday (Nia White Belt training continues) at 5:30 pm teaching with Adelle: Focus on Nia Principle #10, X-Ray Anatomy. Saturday at 9:30 am teaching with Adelle: Focus on energizing the 52 moves of Nia. A fun, fun, fun class!! Wear a costume if you desire!! Sunday (Graduation Day) at 4:00 pm teaching with Adelle: Focus on Nia Principle #13, Sharing What You Sense. I will also teach the Sunday 5:30 pm Yoga class I read about the moon and the connection to our brain from Caroline Casey. She says: "...The Moon, in Qabalistic tradition, is called the Intelligence of Interrelatedness and is though to have an affinity for the occipital region of the brain (the round curve at the back of your heard). In esoteric metaphysics, the occipital region of the brain is said to be connected to every point in time and space. Through the Moon we are connected to the universe. An idea to entertain (in your occipital) is that this region of the brain is the portal through which images cross from our minds out into the world, where they become real...." Beautiful!! Here is a hand mudra for you for the full moon that stimulates your brain, and may help you connect your dreams and images. It is called the HAKINI mudra. Place the tips of all 5 fingers together, palms apart and hold in front of your heart. Now sound "OM".

Namaste friends!!! In Love and Light, Joanie Nia Training Faculty, Nia White Belt Trainer, Nia 1st Degree Black Belt MELT Certified Hand & Foot Instructor Yoga Teacher Journey Dance Facilitator Nia 5 Stages of Healing Facilitator Mindful Change Coach Laughter Yoga Leader​

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