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Art of Play!!

Nia FloorPlay PlayShop!!

                                                      The Synergy Studio     

                                                    November 18, 1:00 - 3:30 pm


Nia FloorPlay is a unique and FUN program that creatively blends one movement into the next to create a beautiful dance that massages and strengthens the whole body from fingers to toes. Nia FloorPlay is designed to help you move in ways that leave you feeling stronger, more flexible, mobile and agile, with increased energy and vitality!!  

Using space, the floor, time and gravity, we will PLAY with tools that enhance your experience on the floor as you condition your body.  

This Playshop is for EveryBody!  

- Yoga teachers and students will experience new and creative ways to spice up their Asanas.

- Nia teacher and students will experience more relaxation and fun with their Nia FloorPlay inside and outside of the Nia class.

- Students new to movement on the floor will experience a new way to move that is safe, energizing and pleasurable.  


EveryBody will experience FUN and discover new ways to self heal and keep your body youthful!


Save your spot!

When/Where:  November 18, The Synergy Studio

Cost:  $30

Time:  1:00 - 3:30  pm


The last 30 minutes of the Playshop will be a Yoga Nidra meditation!  Leave feeling relaxed and invigorated!!


Kneepads are highly suggested for this Playshop.  The studio has some to use or if you would like to purchase a pair, please contact Joanie .

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