Aparigraha: Letting GO!

Namaste Friends! I have returned once again to my beloved book, The Yamas & Niyams by Deborah Adele. The ​Yamas & Niyamas are ​2 of the foundational limbs of the 8-Limbs of Yoga. We can think of them as guidelines, disciplines or observances that can be used to guide us on our path of life. I also like the reference to them as "jewels", for they are like "rare gems of wisdom that give direction to a well-lived and joyful life.". This week I am exploring and living with the Yama Aparigraha, which translates or is interpreted as non-possessiveness, non-attachment, non-greed, or simply Letting Go! The question for me, and that I invite for you as well, is "What do I need to let go of?". Wh

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