Shake It OFF!

Dear Dancing Friends! Do you ever experienced the return of a sensation, feeling or thought that you just KNEW you had released? And then here it comes again!! Why won't that leaf just fall??!! Well that happens to me more than I care to admit. I'm like "Really, I'm still hanging on to it??!" Well, I am human and old sensations, feelings and thoughts are a part of me, and when they come back, I have 2 choices; let it enter and control my life and all my actions, or Shake It Off! Literally!! Shaking my body and allowing that which no longer serves me to be released. Shaking is Medicine, and if you read Peter Levine's book "Waking the Tiger", you will understand how we can use shakin

Courage - Finding New Possibilities in our Body & Life!

Hello my fellow Dancers of Life! Contemplating on what I want to bring my to Nia and Yoga classes for this week, the word Courage came to mind during my morning practice/devotion. Maybe the word came since Monday is Columbus day - not sure, it just came. Immediately beautiful images of people that represent Courage came to me as if they were produced by a kaleidoscope. Yes, Courage is beautiful, and is a quality that radiates from ones body, emotions, mind and spirit. I am blessed to have many, many people in my life who are Courageous, who help me to have Courage and are sources of inspiration as I Dance Through Life. Courage is wisdom to move through all events, dreams and goals in lif

Breathe Deep, Deep Breath!

"Breathe deep, deep breath. Steady the breath to steady the mind, keep breathing until I feel that light shine. Breathe deep, deep breath. Inhale, exhale to release the stress. Breathe deep, deep breath." MC Yogi Happy Day my Dancing Friends!! This morning as I drew in a breath of the sweet crisp October air, I was reminded of the wonderful gift of my breath. As my morning progressed, I was continually reminded about this beautiful gift. When I opened my Daily Word, the inspiration for today, October 1, is "My every breath is a prayer". A reminder that no matter what is going on in my world, if I am in awareness of my breath, life slows down and reconnects me to the moment and what i

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