Universal Language!!

No matter where you live, your race, or beliefs, music has the power to move our body, to evoke feelings and images, and connect us to our spirit. The next time you hear a song, take a moment and notice where the music lands in your body. Can you feel the emotion of the music? What images come to your mind? And how does the music connect to your soul? It doesn't matter the genre of the music or if you like it, the music is uniquely communicating to you! This is why I believe music is a Universal Language. And if you'd like to read a little science about music as a Universal Language, this is a Fun Article! I particularly like the end..." We'll never be able to prove without a shadow

Bring It!!

Hi my fellow dancers of life! I am very blessed to be a member of the Nia Technique Faculty, a staff of fellow Nia Trainers that are dedicated to the best somatic education that enriches everyBody’s life here on Earth. We are lead by Nia co-founder Debbie Rosas, who encourages us to be both leaders and students, and generously shares her knowledge and learning’s with us. Recently I was reminded about the power of communication and relationship when Debbie shared her Nia Blue Belt training experience. Nia Blue Belt is called the Art of Communication, and like the Nia White Belt, gives us beautiful tools to enhance our body and life. Relationship is defined as “The exchange of energy betwe

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