Creative & Healing Flow of Water

“May what I do flow from me like a river, no forcing and no holding back, the way it is with children.” Rainer Maria Rilke I believe Water’s highest purpose is Love. Lately I have been feeling dehydrated, and not in the sense of my body's need for me to physically drink more water. I have been dehydrated in my emotions, thoughts and in my realm of possibilities, which at times take on shapes of being critical and judgmental. Last week as I stepped into my home studio, I put on a Spotify playlist I found that had elements of water, and allowed water to be my dance. During my dance, water replenished me. As my joints became mobile, and my muscles became supple, my connective tissue thro

Radiating Peace!

Hello Dancing Friends! What is the sensation of Peace to you? Some of the ways I cultivate the sensation of peace is through grounding into my body, using my breath, meditation and prayer, and strength. Radiating Peace does not mean I am in stillness. I can cultivate and radiate Peace in my Niaand Yoga practices, in the middle of chaos, walking with my dog Rocket, or as I am dancing through my life. Consciously choosing Peace has the sensation for me of wholeness, harmony with my self and the world, and potential, and it can be cultivated simply by saying the mantra "I am Peace". I believe I have a responsibility to radiate peace for that is the natural state of the Universe. I love

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