Personal Power, The Joy Resides Within – So Hum!

Hello Dancing Friends! This morning I am returning home from an amazing weekend in Colorado, dancing with beautiful beings in Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs. My deep gratitude goes out to my fellow friends and Nia co-hearts Dana Hood, Jackie Diner and Loretta Milo for hosting Adelle and me as we shared Nia FreeDance. I am passionate about this practice and I hope you can join us in one of our 4 Nia FreeDance trainings this year! It is for everyBody! So Hum…I am! What a powerful mantra. It clearly states and manifests anything I chose to be. I am light, I am peace, I am beauty, I am joy. By stating this mantra I am in my personal power, owning who I am. Nia defines Power as

Love, Compassion & Gratitude!

I see your light; it shines so brightly. You are the lotus flower, the jewel. "Om Mani Padme Hum": May the jewel in the lotus of your heart shine forth connecting us all. Dear dancing friends! I am excited to be back with my community after 4 days of Yoga training last week. I started my Yoga training journey back in 2001, paused and then picked it back up in 2013. I am nearly at my 200 hours, and will complete in June of 2017. I love being a student! My friends, we are living in precarious times and I am grateful for Nia, Yoga, my teachers, studies, students, friends and family from which I have received tools to move through my day with Love, Compassion and Gratitude. It starts from

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